мая 2016
Мастер-классы в Риге 13-15 мая

Master of the Festival "International Yoga Day" - Isabella Ledentsova.
Isabella (Sat Pavan Kaur) is a certified teacher, a member of the Federation of Kundalini yoga Teachers, reflexologist, head of the Health Club.

She began practicing yoga in 1976, studied and continues to study at the Kundalini yoga School Amrit Nam Sarovar under the guidance of Karta Singh. She is a multi-instrumentalist, she also studied reflexology, su-jok, the sound therapy from the best masters. Isabella uses the sounds of gongs on the classes of yoga therapy, conducts sessions of art therapy with painting Mandalas, Kundalini yoga classes, yoga for women, yoga for pregnant, yoga for kids and other yoga classes. She teaches at St.-Petersburg, Germany, Greece, Corsica and Sardinia.

In his classes Isabella pays great attention to breathing techniques and to the feeling of joy after the work is done. It is important for he that the class from the class, her students become stronger and healthier! She also conducts individual counseling for the prevention of various diseases.

На своих классах большое внимание уделяю психорегуляции, дыхательным практикам и ощущению радости от проделанной работы. Для меня важно, чтобы урок от урока студенты становились сильнее и здоровели на глазах! Также провожу индивидуальные консультации по профилактике различных заболеваний.